Lets put upside down status updates in Facebook

This is another facebook trick. this time im going to show you how to type upside down text. you can type anything in anywhere in upside down style. this is not a big deal. you just have to type your status normally and copy the upside down text manually. then you can post it any where. try this on your facebook wall.

First you have to put your words or facebook status in this site

now type anything in the first box. you will see the upside down code in the second box when you type. look at the picture below

now paste it on your facebook. :D

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Guide to start a group chat with your facebook Friends

Normally everybody use IM softwares like skype or yahoo messenger to chat with groups. Facebook also have group chat if you have less than 250 members in groups. but do you know there is a small feature in facebook that allows to make custom groups when you needed and chat only with those friends? yes im pretty sure most of people  haven't notified it yet. This is not a big process to do this. just few simple steps. im gonna show how to do it. If you like this post, please share this post with your friends using "Sharing is caring" button set below post. For more updates like our new facebook fan page and share your ideas with other Trick hunters. feel free to leave comments.

First start chat with someone in the group that you want to chat with. now click the star icon near the close chat button and click add friends to chat as the following picture.

Now type your friend names and add one by one to your chat group

Now click done button. you are ready to chat with your friends. Hope you will like this post. please share with friends.


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