How to Extract Background images From Windows Themes

You can download Thousands of Free Windows Themes from Microsoft site and other sources. But problem is you cant customize them. you cant use them independently. When you needed only the Background image, You cant do it. Theme will be applied with it's sound  effects, custom icons and color settings. But with this trick you cant separate Theme files easily. You can copy Background images and  sound files from theme and add them as you wish. 

First you have to download few theme files to do this.. Click here to download Microsoft official themes.
You can apply those themes by just double clicking the theme file.. Browse theme files and decide which theme you want to separate to get independent Background images or Sound files. For theme extraction we use 7Zip software..

After installing 7Zip, Go to theme file and Right click it. then select 7-Zip and click on extract to option like below. Then theme file will be extracted to a new folder with Images and sound files.

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This is how Google Chrome read your web pages | How to install Chrome Speak Extension

Do you have a Text to Speech software? they can read what you type.  You can read web page articles while do another work. This is better when your eyes got tired of reading long articles. i found an extension which can read text on web pages. it only works for Google Chrome browser. you can listen to word documents and PDF documents also. lets see how to it. i have posted a video tutorial also..

First of all you need Chrome 14.0 or greater version to run this. This extension works on Windows , Mac OS X and Chrome OS. 

Install this Extension to Chrome

You can change voice, Language, Pitch and talking speed as you wish. Watch video tutorial for more details...

How to uninstall Unwanted softwares without other softwares | Completely remove unwanted programs

Normally most computer users like to download and check new softwares and Beta versions of upcoming Software versions. but some times we remove them when we not satisfied from those softwares. Have you ever faced problems  when uninstalling softwares? Some times  they leave some settings and tracking data on your pc... for an example When Internet Download Manager trial expired, it doesnt allow you  to uninstall and reinstall the trial with another free trial period. it still says that your trial period has expired.  so in this post im going to tell you How  to completely remove unwanted softwares.

There are few good third party uninstallers available on the internet. Like revo uninstaller. It can completely remove most of softwares. but all third party software uninstallers fails to remove some softwares which use registry and other tracing settings.. Thats why im going to tell you the manual way of Completely removing softwares from you computer.

Fist you have to do the Basic way of software uninstallation...
  • Go to control panel > Add/Remove programs ( Windows XP ) or Programs and Features ( Windows 7 )   and Uninstall that software.. OR
  • go to start menu and find the program group that contains the unwanted software. find and click uninstall if there is an uninstall option...  OR
  •  Find the installation folder ( Most times C:\Program Files ) and go to the folder that contains the unwanted software.....  there might be a uninstall icon also..
you can use any method mentioned above to uninstall unwanted softwares...
After uninstallation.. Go to Program files and check if there is anymore remaining files. Locate them and delete if  there is  any files from that software installation folder.. now open common files folder in Program files. Find and delete if there is any related file to the uninstalled software,

Now go to your User appdata folder.. its located at your user account folder > Appdata
you can simply open that folder by typing %appdata%  on address bar.
Delete if you see remaining files.

Now Clear the temp folder..

Some softwares leave files and tracking cookies on Windows Temp folder. you have to delete them also. 
Open C:\Windows\Temp folder or simply type %temp% on address bar like this..

Delete everything. You don't wont any of those temporary files. some times windows might show some error messages when you try to delete. that because windows still use some files. so leave them and delete the rest. you can delete other after restarted. ok then we have removed all files related to the software that you have uninstalled. our job hasn't finished yet. now we have to remove the registry entrees.

Remove Registry Values Related to the Uninstalled software

* First type REGEDIT in windows run box and press enter key
           To open Windows run box, follow any one step given below
  go to start > Run (windows xp)
  or Press Windows key + R
  or type in start menu search box ( Windows vista and 7 )

 * Now go to this key by opening sub menus in left side panel as this steps


Now find keys that have the name of the software you have uninstalled. if you see any key has that software name, Delete  it.

Ok now you have permanently removed the software. if you want to run the trial version, Install it again. it won't detect that you have installed it once  before.. Hope this might help you. comment here if you have any questions..

Download Entire Facebook Photo Albums For Free

Facebook has become a great place to meet new people and friends. It is a great place to share your photos and videos with other people. there are about 80 million photos on Facebook already. What if you wanted to download and save your photos or friend's photos. facebook not allows to download full albums at once. you have to download one by one photo. it might be hard if that album contains a huge number of photos. There are few addons and softwares on the internet to do this, but most of them are fakes and hacks. don't get caught to third party untrusted sources. I'll show you how to download photo albums and tagged photos without using any add-ons or softwares.

Facebook is not a real safe place to store your private data. and it's not secured to store your photos. so its better you keep your most wanted data and photos in your computer or a removable storage as a back up. for that we have few web based tools to use. Don't use third party untrusted addons or softwares to do this!!

We use a free web service called Pick n Zip to download Facebook photo albums. Pick n Zip allows you to download all tagged photos of you and the albums of your friends. When you login with your Facebook , you will get a list of all  your friends on the left side as a list. When you click on any of your friend’s name, all the albums of that person are listed. You can download a particular photo or the entire album.

1) First sign in to your facebook account

2) Go to

3) Click on login with facebook button

4) now click on Find my photos button at the bottom right corner

5) now you can select your photo albums, Tagged photos or photos from other group and pages that you and your  friends posted and tagged.

6) Move mouse cursor to the album picture and click download button.

7) You can download albums as a compressed Zip file ( Use winrar or 7Zip to unzip ) or a PDF ( use Adobe reader)

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Change Facebook Login Page Background | Google chrome and Facebook Tricks

Like this? This is a great Facebook Trick. you can change your facebook login page. i know you guys waited few days for a new trick. then here it is. This doesn't affect your facebook account. it just change the login page. you can search google for HD wallpapers and assign any photo.  if you are new to my blog read previous Facebook Tips and Tricks. There are more cool tricks posted like this. ok lets start. This is easy just few simple steps to follow.
First go to and search for "HD Wallpapers" you can choose search options as you wish. but dont forget to select large images option in left side of the search page. so you can get high resolution photos. but it will take few more seconds to load your Facebook login page. anyways it didn't make my browser slow as they told. you can pick images from any web site. no need to go google. just right click and select Copy image URL option and paste in on options windows as shown in below steps.

ah forgot to tell one thing more. This trick still available for Google chrome browser only.
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Ok this is how we change Facebook login background image in Google chrome.
Click here to download google chrome plugin for changing Facebook login background

Click to zoom
Click on Add to Chrome button. it will ask confirmation like below. click install button it will take few seconds

Now go to :D see? your background has been changed. now lets add any photo as we like. Click on change facebook wall paper button as shown in the following picture. then a window will open asking new image URL.

Pick any photo from a web site or from google search. do you now you can Change Google Search page Bacground also. you can add your photos also. simple upload them to a image sharing site and give link to that box shown in below. you can put photos from your facebook albums. first make that photo available to public. then copy image url in here..

This is how to get image url from google image search

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Google chrome Tips and Tricks

This post is for all Google chrome lovers. Most chrome users like this browser because it has more security than Firefox. also chrome is very fast. im going to show you few valuable Google tips and funny tricks. Do you know about the famous Angry bird game? you can play it on google chrome without any softwares plugins or registrations.  you can read Fun with Google search also. now lets see some useful google chrome browser tips and tricks

Google chrome doesn't have a menu bar like other web browsers. you can see its options and settings by clicking the  Google chrome wrench button as shown in below.

it will open the normal menu as other web browsers. you can locate normal View options and Zoom settings, Basic copy paste operations, Bookmarks and history etc.

With google chrome you can easily create shortcuts to your favorite web sites and web apps.  you can put web shortcuts in desktop, startmenu or on taskbar. so when you click those shortcuts, Google chrome will load with that linked site. its easy when you work with few sites together. this is how we do it.

First open any web site that you want to run as an app.
Then click on the Wrench icon.
Go to Tools > Create application shortcuts....

Select places that you want to put shortcuts to your app. now click on Create button. After creating the app you can run it by clicking the shortcut icon. Try it. your web page will be opened in a new window without any toolbars or other chrome tools. it will be look like a normal software.

Play Angry Bird Game from here

Do you know that you can drag and drop your downloads to any folder in google chrome? you can view your downloads by clicking on wrench icon and click on downloads. drag any file to an outside folder from that download list. it will be moved to that folder.

Facebook Email address and Username | Easy Facebook access

Do you know about Facebook username and email features. Facebook username is a easy way to login to your Facebook account. and you can get the free Facebook email address as After creating a username, you can use it to link your profile. you can give your Facebook username to your friends. when you wanted to give your facebook profile link to some one, you can give it like this it is better than giving a profile ID like this one. this is the default profile link given by Facebook**0****825* now lets see how to create the facebook username and free Email address.

Lets create Facebook username if you don't have one yet.

First login in to your Facebook account.
Go to Facebook account settings page as shown in below.

Click Edit button on the Username field. then enter any name on that box and enter your password in next box to confirm the username change. Remember you cant change this again. After giving your desired username, Facebook will check for same usernames. if that username is already taken they will ask to enter a new Facebook username. once you have completed this you can check your Facebook username. Just go to your Facebook profile. look at address bar. it will show your username.

Now lets get free Facebook Email address

After getting the username you will get the Facebook email address with it.
click here  to visit

now click on Claim your Facebook email option.

that is your facebook email address. you can use it as your login username in facebook profile.

Do you still thinking about that unfriend button in that picture? :)   it is a great tool that gives us notifications when someone
          * Deactivate profile
          * Reactivate profile
          * Remove us from contacts
          * Ignore our Friend request
             and all unaccepted Pending  friend requests

Click here to read more about it and add it to your Facebook.

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