Easiest way to solve your FB chat problem

Have Problems with new FB Chat system? sure you do :) It shows both online and Offline people. Also It doesn't show all online people. that's disturbing. Everyone asking a way to fix this. lots of hackers get these times as advantage and make addons and fake tools to hack normal FB accounts. I know people who got hacked like that. So is there anyway we can fix this? You might already found some addons or tools to remove this new chat bar. But what is the use of FB without a chat bar? :D  isn't it?   So after checking lots of tools sites and addons, I found 100% secured and tested ways to get our precious old chat bar. You can Get this to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
( I forgot to check on Internet Explorer, My friend will do it for me and inform me. Then I'll post it here. Because I hate internet explorer )

Can you see that mess? It shows offline people too. Other online people also hidden. So how can people use fb like this. So better do as i say. You will get your old Chat box again when you finished reading this page. There is only one problem. You can't see the video call button on this old chat. I don't mind it because i use skype separately for my calls.

Click on these links related to your browser and install them. Just easy like that. So share this page with your friends as a help for us. Also leave your comments. Anything you think about this.. suggestions and ideas always wellcome. You post your needs in chat. We will response ASAP in next post. now click on the link related to your browser.

Go to page and click on Add to Chrome

Go to page and Add to firefox

Go to page and click download

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