How to Use Virtual Box in Windows 7 and install windows xp 7 or Linux Ubuntu

This video tutorial shows you how to Download Virtual Box and install it on Windows 7 Computer. We can use virtual box to run a different operating system in our pc. It is a great method to test new operating systems or run new softwares.

Installing Virtual Box on Windows 7 - How to run Windows xp or Linux in Windows 7
This video will show you how to download and install VirtualBox (FREE) on your computer.
Virtual Box allows you to use a different operating system on your computer without doing any damage to other operating systems. Actually you can run two different Operation systems at same time.
This video will show how to Download and install virtual box on windows 7
We will show you how to configure and create a new Virtual pc using virtual box and installing windows xp or Linux inside virtual box and how to use linux or windows xp while you are logged in to windows 7

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How to use SEO Quake plugin to check quality of websites

how to use SEO Quake
SEO Quake is a very popular Plugin for Firefox. You can get This plugin for Google chrome, opera and safari browse also. lots of people use this plugin for their SEO purposes. Advantage of this plugin is this tool can generate lots of details about web sites without any softwares or our commands. normally we have to use lots of softwares to generate details which SEO quake generate for a web page in few seconds.

first go to and download the plugin and install. 

After installation Click on that highlighted icon on Top Tool bar or on Addon bar. Then go to google and search something. you will see pagerank , their alexa rand and incoming links ( Backlinks ) to that site and all SEO related things. when you visit web sites you will see their ranks on SEO Quake tool bar. If you are going to comment on a blog or web site to get backlinks then this plugin will help you to get high quality pages to get good comment backlinks.

You can sort google search results by their page rank or backlink count by clicking on up and down arrows on the sort tools set above the first search result

How to make a Fake Facebook Wall Post Conversation | Facebook Hack ?

how to create facebook fake wall post
Friends Today im going to show you another awesome free tool you can use amaze your friends. This tool is little bit old and i used it few times and i got awesome comments every time. To create Fake Status messages and Fake Facebook Conversations people use few Hard ways like using Photoshop, Creating Fake accounts , Steal original Account passwords or Phishing. Creating Fake Facebook Status or Conversation is not that hard with tool. Now lets see How we can use this with our Facebook account.

Facebook Login button well come guest
First Go to and click on Facebook login button as shown in this image. Allow it to access your account to get your friend's details. You don't have to worry about this app. it never post anything without your permission. After you logged in click on create fake Convo Button to start Creating a Fake Facebook Conversation.

how to generate facebook fake conversation

This is the window you get after clicking on Create Fake Convo Button. Enter the First name of the person who starts the Conversation. Type His message on Comment Box. Add image and Click on Add to Stream. After Creating the Status you can add follow up comments by doing the same process again. Change name and comment. Add picture and click on Add to steam. You will get a live preview when you Edit this Facebook Fake Conversation. Now lets see how we can add images to this. If you have custom photos on your computer, you can upload them and paste the direct link on "paste a url" link below that yellow color Browse images button. 

These are the other image adding options you get when you click on browse images button. First tab they have given some pre uploaded images. In the second tab it will show photos of your Friends profile pictures. If your friend's photo doesn't appear there just go to facebook and right click on your friend's profile picture and click on copy image location and paste it ti Paste a Url link and click on Add to Stream. It will show the profile image there. You can easily prank your friends using  Fake Facebook Wall post and conversation. third one is the google search option. you can get results to your search keywords with matching image sizes. 

When you finished get a print screen or Save it. Use this only for fun. Do not use for illegal things and harass other people. Try it and Have fun. Share this post on Facebook twitter and other social networks and support us. Read more Posts Under Facebook Tricks.

Cool Firefox Tab Browsing Trick

firefox cool tab browsing trick
This is an awesome widget available in Mozilla Firefox. This widget is disabled by default. You have to enable it. You don't have to install extra addons for it. This widget is called as "Tab Browsing" it is like Alt+Tab browsing in windows. You have to press Ctrl+Tab to use this widget. Every Firefox version has this feature But we have to enable it. Watch the video below to learn how you can enable this widget.

First Open a new tab on Mozilla Firefox and type "about:config" without quotes and press enter. it will open Firefox configuration window. Before that it will ask for the confirmation to load configuration window. because config window is very critical. You have to work carefully with unknown parameters. Click on "I'll be carefull. I promise!" Button to confirm it as shown in this picture

firefox console editing warning window

Now you can see the config window. Search for "Ctrltab.preview" on that window. select "browser.ctrlTab.previews" option as shown in this picture.

cool firefox tricks and tips tab previews

Double click on "browser.ctrlTab.previews" to change the default value to "True" When you install firefox it will automatically store its value as false. so we have to enable that widget by changing its vale to true. you can right click on it and select toggle to change its value too. After changing the value close that tab and try using Ctrl+Tab you will see that widget working well. Watch This video tutorial if you have any problems.

Free Online photo editing tool ~ Create Funny Photos and cards

create online funny photos and edit cards
A new post after a long time. Today im going to introduce you an awesome web site that we can use our photos and images to create cool effects, cards and posters. You can upload your images or use photos on other image hosting sites to use them on this web site. This is a Free online photo editing tool. you don't have to pay anything or register. Just go to site, Upload your images and add lots of effects easily to your photos. As you can see on above image you can create very cool stuff using this Free online photo editing tool. Lets start creating some photo editing. First Go to the Official site of fotoflexer.

You will see an upload button on the home page. 

upload images to online photo editing
Click upload button and upload any image file from your computer to fotoflexer web site. You can get images from photobucket, myspace, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and lots of other image hosting sites and social networks. If you click on more places button you will see some other options to get images. you can put direct links to images also.

All tools are very simple and easy to use. there are simple drawing tools and some cool effects you can use on images. upload an image and test those effects. You can see more creative effects and tools on decorate tab as shown in following picture. you can create cards posters and face masks like i used in the first picture "The Harry potter santa". 

online photo editing tools

Try these effects and make your own facebook cards and banners and share with friends. 

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