What is Cloud Computing, Cloud Technology | Secured File hosing in Cloud Servers

What do you Know about the Cloud technology. Cloud is a new idea for secured and well organized computer usage. Software Engineers and other Computer professionals have done lots of improvements to the Cloud system. Cloud means some highly secured area to store your data as an online backup. Or you can permanently Store your files on the Cloud and use them from anywhere you go with any device like Laptops, Desktops even your mobile phone with internet connectivity. Cloud Storage is more secured than other file storage methods and File hosting methods. Because Cloud Storage  is  more powerful and Well secured technology. No one  can hack into Cloud Servers. Lets read How we can get Cloud services and Advantages of using Cloud Servers.

When you have a private files or documents on a Cloud Hosting Server, You are the one who have the access for those files. No one can use them or hack in to it. Lots of people starting to use Cloud Servers because this advanced security features in Cloud Storage devices. Lets see what are the advantages of using Cloud Storage

Advantages of using Cloud Storage
* Cloud is a Very big storing space. When you using Cloud Hosting, you don't need to buy extra hard disks to store your data or keep secondary back up for them.
* Cloud is well  secured File storing system. Because of that Cloud Servers are the best place to store your important and private data.
* Your Computer or Hard disks might stop working. What if your hard  disk suddenly stopped working? You will loss your data. Cloud has the best hardware and new tools. they are ready to work 24x7 without any problems.
* Some people might think that they have backups in another hard disk so they don't have to worry about. but imagine an accident like a fire or some thing. what if your computer system completely unusable after that? That's why you have to use Cloud  Hosting.
* You can always Sync your data with Cloud Servers. so you don't have to worry about your files. You can access the backup of your files on the Cloud From anywhere in the world.

Here im giving you a Free Cloud Hosting Software. This is very easy to use. Just Download and install small client software and Upload and use 2GB of online Cloud Server Space. it  has all basic file  sharing features and you can increase your Cloud Space uo to 10 GB for free. Click this Image to Get Your Free Cloud Hosting package

Click this yellow image to Download DropBox. Normally you will get 2GB Cloud Storage from Drop Box. But when you register through our site  you will get extra 250 MB and  you can earn up to 10GB free storage. try it now. Make your free account and reserve your storage before this offers going to stop. I don't think they will keep giving people extra free hosting. so better to get registered before those offers finished. you can use it when  you wanted. Registered users will have all benefits even after they have stopped giving free Cloud accounts anymore.

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Google is going to Track facebook chat and Comments | Facebook Web Traffic

Facebook has introduced lots of new Features recently. Few days ago they have introduced the Facebook chat subscribe for the plugin they have made to use in blogger  pages and web sites. This will be the next version of it. When you subscribed to someones comments on a blog, it will  give notifications to you when he comment on that blog. That is the difference between Profile Subscription and Comment Subscription. Let's see some details and advantage  of this new Facebook comment indexing feature.

I Don't know why Facebook has given permissions to Google to access the Facebook chat and comments. That means third party sites can spy  on our chat history. That is something i won't like. it feels Facebook giving our privacy opened to others. Anonymous Hackers Team  said that facebook sell our details to third party Organizations and Government. Finally they have proved  that they going to reveal our privacy to another company.

Anyways there are a good side also. This will be better than Comment Subscription. Because when Google can index comments on pages and blog posts we can search for the comments as we do for blog posts. It will be useful to find a post in a blog which  have lots of similar type posts. 

Google will index comments both inside and outside from Facebook. When you use Facebook comment box on a blog like i used in this blog, Google bot or spiders will index comments while indexing posts. If you  like to know more about How Google bot index blog posts and Add your blog to Google Search engine with optimized better SEO tricks, Download this Free Search Engine Optimization E-Book written by Google  web masters. 
Still they don't index Facebook comments. Google still developing this system. It might take little time to develop and release. Let's wait till then. With indexed comments Facebook will give us lots of good SEO and keyword density.
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Share Blog and Website Links to Get Unlimited Traffic to Your Web Site | How to use Stumbleupon

This is the best way to show your web site or blog links to millions of people  all around the world. Visitors and Traffic is the most discussed two words in  blogging and web developing. Doing Search Engine Optimization is  the Best way to do it. But  with the competition with large amount of web sites you will  not get the best result only from the search engines. so you have to do some other works too. Social Book marking is the other way you can get  more visitors to your site. There is Facebook,  Twitter and lots of other Social medias to use for this. In this post we will talk about Stumbleupon. This is totally valid for Google Ad sense users. Now lets see how we can use Stumbleupon and how we can get more visitors  from it

Actually this blog also get many visitors from stumbleupon daily. if you need instant boost of web traffic, you can use this site for it. you need these things to get good traffic through Stumbleupon.

Good and related keywords in topic
Select proper category for your post
Have many Stumblers ( Friends ) in your Profile
With all those you can do miracles like these

Click to Zoom
How is it. as you can see Stumbleupon can give  you a Huge boost of visitors to your web site or blog. First lets get registered on Stumbleupon free account.

How to Make a Free Account on Stumbleupon

Click this image to open Stumbleupon page. once you have opened  the Stumbleupon  page you can make a free account by registering with your E-mail  ID. or you can just make instant free acount by  signing in with your Facebook account. You will see the Facebook Login button on the top Right corner of that web page. 

Once you logged in you might  have to edit your profile. put desired username and your interesting site categories that you like to see on Stumbling.  now lets get some people to our profile. so you can share  your web page and blog posts with them.  more  friends means more traffic. that  doesn't mean the only way you can get visitors is friends. normal stumblers will visit your links too.

How to get more Friends To Stumbleupon

Go to Stumblers tab. you will see two options to find other stumblers and option to send invitations who  doesn't use Stumbleupon already. First option will allow you to search and connect Stumblers in your Facebook , Twitter and Gmail. it will gather E-mail addresses from this accounts and check for  users who already using Stumbleupon. 

Second option is to invite people who  doesn't have a Stumbleupon account to join with you. once they have registered with your invitation  they will automatically added to your friends list.

You can check your Friends and followers from Stumblers  tab. when you added new contacts go to there profile by  clicking on his account image. Then select  Accept shares to my tool bar check box. If  he hasn't  shared  his  tool bar with you, Send him a message to Share his tool bar. s o you both can share your Web sites and blog links between you.

How to Share Web and Blog Links with Others

This is easy to do. Just go to the Favorites tab. You will see a button called add a site. Click it. now Enter your blog  post URL on first box and write  simple description in review box.  try to write  a good and attractive review about your blog post or web page. it  will help you you to get more visitors.  next window it will  ask related topics. Select all related topics to that page from the drop down menu.  select that page is safe to watch for children. now you have successfully shared one page.  Do  other pages also. Don't be hurry to add them all once. you can do it day by  day. if not you will get a big user count in one day as i shown in that picture. you can add Share on stumbleupon button to your blog and website. all tools and guides  available on Stumbleupon. 

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