Take control of your friend’s customer's desktop, the easy way

There are times when you friend or someone known to you need your help in computer related problems & you are miles away from there home/office. In this technology driven world still there are huge number of people who don’t know how to CLEAR RECENT DOCUMENTS in their Windows OS :) most times even me getting calls from friends just for easy tasks like mount DVD image to nero image drive or download mediafire files with Internet download manager. Also we know some people do home visited computer repairing. some times customer has to carry his pc tp our place. think that you have computer repair shop or some place like that. your customer wants to apply his new license key to antivirus and get antivirus updates. now either you have to visit him or he has to bring his computer to your place. in those times this method becoming so handy. you can ask him to put that key files in his desktop and give you the  control of that pc for few minutes. now you can use his computer by remotely loggin in to his computer and do your job while having snacks in your office or home. great isn't it?

Anyway, if you are caught in such a situation you don’t need to worry thanks to Remote Desktop Sharing. You don’t need to come from Panjab to Bangkok to fix your friend’s minor computer problem. Off course you can’t cure his hardware or OS boot problems. There are number of applications for desktop sharing, even modern day operating systems like Windows, Mac & Linux have this capability built in with core OS programs. Generally these built in programs are a bit difficult to configure. Personally I prefer 3rd party programs like Crossloop & Teamviewer for this purpose. These two programs have give the use ease of accessing other PC remotely without any messy configuration

                                                           TeamViewer has a plus point for remote sharing from a Windows PC to Mac & It has an option of using a portable version without even installing it. On the other hand I personally feel CrossLoop is a lot more faster than TeamViewer. These programs can be downloaded from their respective sites.
Watch this simple guide video about Team viewer. Its easy as that.

Download CrossLoop

The next step is tell your friend to download & install the same software as you did, share the access code & allow the incoming connect. That’s it, now you can control your friend’s PC & help him solving the problem he is facing. 

For a very easy and comprehensive solution to free desktop sharing and remote support, take a look at Mikogo.
Mikogo is a fast solution and easy to use as there are no configurations or network/firewall changes required. To make life easier, there is no installation required for participants. They can simply join by going to the Mikogo homepage and clicking on Join Meeting. just easy as that.

Features, all for free, include switch presenter, remote keyboard/mouse control, recording, scheduler, file transfer, application selection, whiteboard, and more. There is also a portable version available.

Try this with some one. its easy to configure. keep in touch with us . We will submit a new post about how to use team viewer step by step sooner...

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