Trick your Friends by showing your computer as a CORE i3 ,i5 ,i7 or more

This is a simple trick that we use to change the processor name in system properties window. You can change this by using some softwares also. but this is the easiest way. Just simple registry editing only. You don't have to worry about this. because this is 100% safe.
You can change your processor name and speed details as you wish. You can show your Pentium 1 pc as CORE i7 :D

Now lets see how to do it.

* Go to Start menu and click run (Earlier windows versions) type REGEDIT and click ok
   Type REGEDIT in start menu search box.

You can get the RUN box by pressing Windows key + R

* Now you will see the Registry editor window.

go to
You might see few sub categories as 0,1,2 if your processor has multi threads. just change the value inside processor 0

Now on the right side you will see a option in the list named PROCESSOR NAME AND STRING

Right click on it and select MODIFY

Now change the value as you wish. you can get more processor details from this site if you want to add a real processor name or you can type whatever you want. now right click my computer and go to properties or check your processor with any software. it will show the name and values you entered. Now show it to your friends. Watch the picture below. My processor has 8 GB cache memery xD

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