How to Use Virtual Box in Windows 7 and install windows xp 7 or Linux Ubuntu

This video tutorial shows you how to Download Virtual Box and install it on Windows 7 Computer. We can use virtual box to run a different operating system in our pc. It is a great method to test new operating systems or run new softwares.

Installing Virtual Box on Windows 7 - How to run Windows xp or Linux in Windows 7
This video will show you how to download and install VirtualBox (FREE) on your computer.
Virtual Box allows you to use a different operating system on your computer without doing any damage to other operating systems. Actually you can run two different Operation systems at same time.
This video will show how to Download and install virtual box on windows 7
We will show you how to configure and create a new Virtual pc using virtual box and installing windows xp or Linux inside virtual box and how to use linux or windows xp while you are logged in to windows 7

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