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create online funny photos and edit cards
A new post after a long time. Today im going to introduce you an awesome web site that we can use our photos and images to create cool effects, cards and posters. You can upload your images or use photos on other image hosting sites to use them on this web site. This is a Free online photo editing tool. you don't have to pay anything or register. Just go to site, Upload your images and add lots of effects easily to your photos. As you can see on above image you can create very cool stuff using this Free online photo editing tool. Lets start creating some photo editing. First Go to the Official site of fotoflexer.

You will see an upload button on the home page. 

upload images to online photo editing
Click upload button and upload any image file from your computer to fotoflexer web site. You can get images from photobucket, myspace, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and lots of other image hosting sites and social networks. If you click on more places button you will see some other options to get images. you can put direct links to images also.

All tools are very simple and easy to use. there are simple drawing tools and some cool effects you can use on images. upload an image and test those effects. You can see more creative effects and tools on decorate tab as shown in following picture. you can create cards posters and face masks like i used in the first picture "The Harry potter santa". 

online photo editing tools

Try these effects and make your own facebook cards and banners and share with friends. 


Roshane Jeniffer said...

Ahahah Epic. Done this with lots of images now is the prank time

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