Easy way of Prank xD Trick your friends

What is this? :D guess what. we are going to tell you an easy trick to prank your friends. This is too simple but for few seconds or minutes your friend might be amazed or angry. You can do this in your office, Internet cafe or a game zone. This prank is hilarious when pulled in a computer lab. Make sure a teacher doesn't see! also inform cafe staff or admins if you doing this. if not you will get beaten by cafe staff for removing parts!!!

First ell your friend to leave, check something out, or wait till he/she goes to the bathroom, etc.

Find the cords that connect the keyboard and mouse. Pull them out of both your and your target's computers.
Plug your keyboard and mouse into your friend's computer. Leave the friend's unplugged (or else they can control your computer too). Make sure to catch it on another cord so it doesn't come out when your friend moves it.

Wait for your friend to come back and watch the hilarity ensue


* You can give his mouse to another friend close to you. so when our target try to move his mouse, your friend can move it to other side.

Thsi is a top class office prank i have seen. Watch it completely and try to do things like this :D

Try to get a photo or video clip that time. Great if you can get his face clearly. If you upload it please share video or photo with us. Comment below with your blog or google account. at least as anonymous. no problem with that. so good luck and have fun.

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