Guide to get free barn buddy credits

As you guys know there are many kind of advantages in barn buddy game which only allowed for credit owners. you can get Barn buddy credits by completing game challenges. for more details about game achievements and challenges click on the Cup icon in barn buddy tool bar as shown in the picture below. you can earn BB credits by completing those targets. but the problem is they only give a very small amount of  coins for those achievements. you will have to wait a long time to get an Animal Like African elephant or  a seed packet of special rose. but already you might have seen some Facebook users have more BB credit animals in low level. how did they got credits.. problem? :P  because they hacking credits.
but don't be hurry to google for Barn buddy hacks. 95% are Key loggers and Facebook hacks. they don't hack credits for you but your facebook account.

Im going to tell you the safe way of getting credits. This feature is called Barnbuddy offers. Websites like Hulu and Pandora stop non-US-American visitors right at the doorstep telling them that the contents of the website are not available to them at all. Only US-Americans are allowed and able to view the contents, in the case of the mentioned sites movies and Internet radio. Also facebook only gives those offers only for US citizens. you must be a US person to use those free offers. so in this post im going to make you an United states citizen. :O Sounds interesting!! isn't it?
To do this you have to download a free software called Hotspot shield. This freeware program promises to encrypt all your Internet connections. Download it from here...

Watch this video for downloading and installing guide for Hotspot Shield.

You can use ultrasurf instead of hotspot shield if you like it. Try that also. but i recommend to use hotspot shield. watch ultrasuft Guide here..

now login to your facebook account and go to barn buddy application. in upper tool bar you will see a button named earn credits. click on that. some times you will see this on bottom corner. click on that as the picture shows.

now select offers. And you will see hundreds of offers because you are using American IP (these offers are only given for Americans, but now you can get these offers with Hotspot Shield. Select free offers category. Just select an offer and complete the steps that they have given. they might be watch videos or e-mail registrations. they are the easy ones. for registrations you will need an US address and postal code. you can easily find and address by searching with keywords like "Texas hotels" or "California hospitals".. you must be smart to be a hacker. :) so after getting an Address you can call your self a us name like martin or Micheal :D now do every offer as you like most of them will send you an E-mail to verify.  they will give credits when you click that verification e mail. some offers might take minutes or hours to give barn buddy credits. some might not give credits.. keep trying and get more barn buddy credits... I hope that you will get used to this.. please share this page and like my facebook group on right side. leave your comments, suggestions and any problems in comment section. if you don't have google or blogger account, you can comment as anonymous.

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