Fix USB drive errors in Windows 7

Have problems while copy files to a pen drive or external hard disk? when you move files to a removable device? Windows 7 has some issues with USB data transferring. Copy progress stuck at some places or it doesn't show the real remaining time. some times its not responding to us. that's why Microsoft officially announced this update to fix those USB data transferring issues.
This new update allows you to increase maximum transfer size of USB storage devices in Windows which will help in improving performance of USB devices. After you install this update, you can increase the maximum transfer size from 64 kilobytes (KB) to 2 megabytes (MB) to improve USB performance.

You just need to follow these simple steps to improve USB storage devices performance in Windows 7:

1. First download and install the windows 7update file using following link:

2. Now type regedit in start menu search box. or press Windows key + R and get the run box. now type regedit in there. now it will open the registry editor.

3. Now go to following key:

4. Under usbstor key, create a new key VVVVPPPP so the final path would be:

5. Now in right-side pane, create a new DWORD value MaximumTransferLength

6. Double-click on this new DWORD value, set Base to Decimal and set Value data to 2097120

That's it. Restart your system and get ready to enjoy improved USB storage devices performance in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.

PS: If you want a ready-made registry script to do the task automatically, download following ZIP file, extract it and run the extracted REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it:

Download Registry Script 

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