How to type Sinhala and tamil without Fonts

Today you are going to learn how to use Unicode fonts in windows. You already know if we have fonts, we can type in any language or any style of text. but the problem is if others haven't got those fonts, they cant read anything you typed. so you have to send fonts files along with your document. that is ok. but problem is when you type in a chat ( Skype , Facebook, Yahoo etc. ) or Web forums and comments. You have to give them a link to download your font files. its not going to work :P  thats why we use Unicode letter format. Unicode letters are embedded to windows. so you can watch them in any computer without sharing fonts or softwares. You can type anywhere using Unicode.

There are few application softwares you can use to type Unicode. but in this post im going to show you how to type unicode without third party tools. You can type Sinhala and Tamil Using this. First visit this link. This is a free service by University of colombo.

You can see the wijesekara sinhala keyboard layout by visiting last link of that page, as shown in number 3 in that picture. Most professional Data entry and typesetters use This format. It is very easy when you practiced it well. But it takes some time. If you have type only a little phase you can visit number 2 link. It gives you a keys collection. you can easily get the word that you wanted.

Most important Site is the link 1. Font encoding converters for Sinhala & Tamil   

Everyone knows Singlish and Tanglish. that means we type Sinhala or Tamil word pronunciation in English letters. Most people use it when sending sms and online chat. we can get Sinhala or Tamil words by typing Just the pronunciation. Use the last links block to type Singlish or Tanglish. 

When you click on Singlish or Tanglish as shown in the picture. You will get a form like this.
When you type English pronunciation in the first box You will get the Unicode letters in the second box. Now you can copy paste this code anywhere. In your Chat, Forums even you can rename Folders with sinhala or tamil letters. Try that.
Here Few tips for Typing Sinhala letters using Unicode

dha      ද                                   tha      ත                  
k         ක්                                  ka       ක
kae     කෑ                                 ki        කි
kii        කී                                 ko       කො
koe    කෝ                               koo     කූ
kri       ක්‍රි

Type anything and paste them anywhere as you wish.

Hope you will enjoy this. Ask anything in comment section. Share this with your friends. I don't know tamil very well. so please share tamil letter combinations with us in comment section. You can subscribe us via Our facebook twitter or Rss for latest PC tricks tips and tools.

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