How to change CD/DVD and pen drive Icons

This picture shows the basic removable icons. they are the defaults. But you have seen that CDs And DVDs have customized icons. Some body might know this. but most of others don't know how to do this. We can change CD, DVD, Pendrive and other removable media icons easily. we can use your custom icons also. You can edit registry and change your USB drive icon. but when you carry your pen drive to another place, that icon will not appear. so you need a permanent solution for this. The only easy way to do this is Making an Autorun file. 

First you have to find or create your own icon image. you can find lots of freewares to create icon files. 34 pixels square is the best size for an icon file. Icon file must have the .ico extension.

Now copy that icon file to your Removable drive. if you are going to burn a cd or dvd, then add the .ico file to the root folder. you can right click and hide before you burn the disk. so no one will see your icon. now we have to write the auto run file. 

  • Open Notepad and start creating your Autorun file
  • Type [AutoRun] in the first line.
  • Name your drive in the second line: label=Name
  • Specify your icon location and name in the third line: ICON=your-icon-file.ico

now your notepad file will similar to this (
If you wanted to call your drive "MyPersonalData" with an icon named "usbcustomicon.ico" )


Click File, then Save As. Change the file type to "All" and name it AUTORUN.inf
you must not save autorun file as a text file. always keep in mind to save it as All files

on some systems your ".INF" file extension may need to be capitalized in order to work. so better if you save that file as Autorun.INF

Ensure that both your autorun.inf and any .ico files are in the ROOT of your removable drive, instead of a folder, unless you have specified the correct folder for the icon in your .inf file.

This trick won't work on systems that have autorun killers or blockers.
For some removable drives you might need to unplug and plug it again to see the change. After setting up the autorun file you can Right click both Autorun.INF and *.ico file together and hide them.

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