Download Entire Facebook Photo Albums For Free

Facebook has become a great place to meet new people and friends. It is a great place to share your photos and videos with other people. there are about 80 million photos on Facebook already. What if you wanted to download and save your photos or friend's photos. facebook not allows to download full albums at once. you have to download one by one photo. it might be hard if that album contains a huge number of photos. There are few addons and softwares on the internet to do this, but most of them are fakes and hacks. don't get caught to third party untrusted sources. I'll show you how to download photo albums and tagged photos without using any add-ons or softwares.

Facebook is not a real safe place to store your private data. and it's not secured to store your photos. so its better you keep your most wanted data and photos in your computer or a removable storage as a back up. for that we have few web based tools to use. Don't use third party untrusted addons or softwares to do this!!

We use a free web service called Pick n Zip to download Facebook photo albums. Pick n Zip allows you to download all tagged photos of you and the albums of your friends. When you login with your Facebook , you will get a list of all  your friends on the left side as a list. When you click on any of your friend’s name, all the albums of that person are listed. You can download a particular photo or the entire album.

1) First sign in to your facebook account

2) Go to

3) Click on login with facebook button

4) now click on Find my photos button at the bottom right corner

5) now you can select your photo albums, Tagged photos or photos from other group and pages that you and your  friends posted and tagged.

6) Move mouse cursor to the album picture and click download button.

7) You can download albums as a compressed Zip file ( Use winrar or 7Zip to unzip ) or a PDF ( use Adobe reader)

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