How to uninstall Unwanted softwares without other softwares | Completely remove unwanted programs

Normally most computer users like to download and check new softwares and Beta versions of upcoming Software versions. but some times we remove them when we not satisfied from those softwares. Have you ever faced problems  when uninstalling softwares? Some times  they leave some settings and tracking data on your pc... for an example When Internet Download Manager trial expired, it doesnt allow you  to uninstall and reinstall the trial with another free trial period. it still says that your trial period has expired.  so in this post im going to tell you How  to completely remove unwanted softwares.

There are few good third party uninstallers available on the internet. Like revo uninstaller. It can completely remove most of softwares. but all third party software uninstallers fails to remove some softwares which use registry and other tracing settings.. Thats why im going to tell you the manual way of Completely removing softwares from you computer.

Fist you have to do the Basic way of software uninstallation...
  • Go to control panel > Add/Remove programs ( Windows XP ) or Programs and Features ( Windows 7 )   and Uninstall that software.. OR
  • go to start menu and find the program group that contains the unwanted software. find and click uninstall if there is an uninstall option...  OR
  •  Find the installation folder ( Most times C:\Program Files ) and go to the folder that contains the unwanted software.....  there might be a uninstall icon also..
you can use any method mentioned above to uninstall unwanted softwares...
After uninstallation.. Go to Program files and check if there is anymore remaining files. Locate them and delete if  there is  any files from that software installation folder.. now open common files folder in Program files. Find and delete if there is any related file to the uninstalled software,

Now go to your User appdata folder.. its located at your user account folder > Appdata
you can simply open that folder by typing %appdata%  on address bar.
Delete if you see remaining files.

Now Clear the temp folder..

Some softwares leave files and tracking cookies on Windows Temp folder. you have to delete them also. 
Open C:\Windows\Temp folder or simply type %temp% on address bar like this..

Delete everything. You don't wont any of those temporary files. some times windows might show some error messages when you try to delete. that because windows still use some files. so leave them and delete the rest. you can delete other after restarted. ok then we have removed all files related to the software that you have uninstalled. our job hasn't finished yet. now we have to remove the registry entrees.

Remove Registry Values Related to the Uninstalled software

* First type REGEDIT in windows run box and press enter key
           To open Windows run box, follow any one step given below
  go to start > Run (windows xp)
  or Press Windows key + R
  or type in start menu search box ( Windows vista and 7 )

 * Now go to this key by opening sub menus in left side panel as this steps


Now find keys that have the name of the software you have uninstalled. if you see any key has that software name, Delete  it.

Ok now you have permanently removed the software. if you want to run the trial version, Install it again. it won't detect that you have installed it once  before.. Hope this might help you. comment here if you have any questions..

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