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Do you know about Facebook username and email features. Facebook username is a easy way to login to your Facebook account. and you can get the free Facebook email address as yourfbusername@facebook.com. After creating a username, you can use it to link your profile. you can give your Facebook username to your friends. when you wanted to give your facebook profile link to some one, you can give it like this http://www.facebook.com/yourfbusername it is better than giving a profile ID like this one. this is the default profile link given by Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10**0****825* now lets see how to create the facebook username and free Email address.

Lets create Facebook username if you don't have one yet.

First login in to your Facebook account.
Go to Facebook account settings page as shown in below.

Click Edit button on the Username field. then enter any name on that box and enter your password in next box to confirm the username change. Remember you cant change this again. After giving your desired username, Facebook will check for same usernames. if that username is already taken they will ask to enter a new Facebook username. once you have completed this you can check your Facebook username. Just go to your Facebook profile. look at address bar. it will show your username.

Now lets get free Facebook Email address

After getting the username you will get the Facebook email address with it.
click here  to visit www.facebook.com/?sk=inbox

now click on Claim your Facebook email option.

that is your facebook email address. you can use it as your login username in facebook profile.

Do you still thinking about that unfriend button in that picture? :)   it is a great tool that gives us notifications when someone
          * Deactivate profile
          * Reactivate profile
          * Remove us from contacts
          * Ignore our Friend request
             and all unaccepted Pending  friend requests

Click here to read more about it and add it to your Facebook.

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