Google chrome Tips and Tricks

This post is for all Google chrome lovers. Most chrome users like this browser because it has more security than Firefox. also chrome is very fast. im going to show you few valuable Google tips and funny tricks. Do you know about the famous Angry bird game? you can play it on google chrome without any softwares plugins or registrations.  you can read Fun with Google search also. now lets see some useful google chrome browser tips and tricks

Google chrome doesn't have a menu bar like other web browsers. you can see its options and settings by clicking the  Google chrome wrench button as shown in below.

it will open the normal menu as other web browsers. you can locate normal View options and Zoom settings, Basic copy paste operations, Bookmarks and history etc.

With google chrome you can easily create shortcuts to your favorite web sites and web apps.  you can put web shortcuts in desktop, startmenu or on taskbar. so when you click those shortcuts, Google chrome will load with that linked site. its easy when you work with few sites together. this is how we do it.

First open any web site that you want to run as an app.
Then click on the Wrench icon.
Go to Tools > Create application shortcuts....

Select places that you want to put shortcuts to your app. now click on Create button. After creating the app you can run it by clicking the shortcut icon. Try it. your web page will be opened in a new window without any toolbars or other chrome tools. it will be look like a normal software.

Play Angry Bird Game from here

Do you know that you can drag and drop your downloads to any folder in google chrome? you can view your downloads by clicking on wrench icon and click on downloads. drag any file to an outside folder from that download list. it will be moved to that folder.

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