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Facebook has introduced lots of new Features recently. Few days ago they have introduced the Facebook chat subscribe for the plugin they have made to use in blogger  pages and web sites. This will be the next version of it. When you subscribed to someones comments on a blog, it will  give notifications to you when he comment on that blog. That is the difference between Profile Subscription and Comment Subscription. Let's see some details and advantage  of this new Facebook comment indexing feature.

I Don't know why Facebook has given permissions to Google to access the Facebook chat and comments. That means third party sites can spy  on our chat history. That is something i won't like. it feels Facebook giving our privacy opened to others. Anonymous Hackers Team  said that facebook sell our details to third party Organizations and Government. Finally they have proved  that they going to reveal our privacy to another company.

Anyways there are a good side also. This will be better than Comment Subscription. Because when Google can index comments on pages and blog posts we can search for the comments as we do for blog posts. It will be useful to find a post in a blog which  have lots of similar type posts. 

Google will index comments both inside and outside from Facebook. When you use Facebook comment box on a blog like i used in this blog, Google bot or spiders will index comments while indexing posts. If you  like to know more about How Google bot index blog posts and Add your blog to Google Search engine with optimized better SEO tricks, Download this Free Search Engine Optimization E-Book written by Google  web masters. 
Still they don't index Facebook comments. Google still developing this system. It might take little time to develop and release. Let's wait till then. With indexed comments Facebook will give us lots of good SEO and keyword density.
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