What is Cloud Computing, Cloud Technology | Secured File hosing in Cloud Servers

What do you Know about the Cloud technology. Cloud is a new idea for secured and well organized computer usage. Software Engineers and other Computer professionals have done lots of improvements to the Cloud system. Cloud means some highly secured area to store your data as an online backup. Or you can permanently Store your files on the Cloud and use them from anywhere you go with any device like Laptops, Desktops even your mobile phone with internet connectivity. Cloud Storage is more secured than other file storage methods and File hosting methods. Because Cloud Storage  is  more powerful and Well secured technology. No one  can hack into Cloud Servers. Lets read How we can get Cloud services and Advantages of using Cloud Servers.

When you have a private files or documents on a Cloud Hosting Server, You are the one who have the access for those files. No one can use them or hack in to it. Lots of people starting to use Cloud Servers because this advanced security features in Cloud Storage devices. Lets see what are the advantages of using Cloud Storage

Advantages of using Cloud Storage
* Cloud is a Very big storing space. When you using Cloud Hosting, you don't need to buy extra hard disks to store your data or keep secondary back up for them.
* Cloud is well  secured File storing system. Because of that Cloud Servers are the best place to store your important and private data.
* Your Computer or Hard disks might stop working. What if your hard  disk suddenly stopped working? You will loss your data. Cloud has the best hardware and new tools. they are ready to work 24x7 without any problems.
* Some people might think that they have backups in another hard disk so they don't have to worry about. but imagine an accident like a fire or some thing. what if your computer system completely unusable after that? That's why you have to use Cloud  Hosting.
* You can always Sync your data with Cloud Servers. so you don't have to worry about your files. You can access the backup of your files on the Cloud From anywhere in the world.

Here im giving you a Free Cloud Hosting Software. This is very easy to use. Just Download and install small client software and Upload and use 2GB of online Cloud Server Space. it  has all basic file  sharing features and you can increase your Cloud Space uo to 10 GB for free. Click this Image to Get Your Free Cloud Hosting package

Click this yellow image to Download DropBox. Normally you will get 2GB Cloud Storage from Drop Box. But when you register through our site  you will get extra 250 MB and  you can earn up to 10GB free storage. try it now. Make your free account and reserve your storage before this offers going to stop. I don't think they will keep giving people extra free hosting. so better to get registered before those offers finished. you can use it when  you wanted. Registered users will have all benefits even after they have stopped giving free Cloud accounts anymore.

I will post how to use Drop Box to upload and use them. Like our Facebook Fan page to get notified when we post about more Cloud server offers and Drop Box and other free cloud software tutorials. you also can subscribe to our free E-mail service to get our new posts directly to your E-mail account.


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