Best Way to get Correct Google Search Results

If we want to find about something we use Google search engine to find it. Google is the most popular search engine. But sometimes we won't get correct answers. That because we don't use correct search requests.  There are few ways to get correct answers  on the Google search. All results are depending on the keywords that you are using. In this post i'll give some hints and few Google search tricks to get correct answers on Google search.

When you ask Google search Engine to find something, it will search your keywords on it's data base. Search results may depend on Keyword density and Page Rank of the matching pages. Most of the times pages with higher Page rank will appear first. So you have to enter the right search criteria in search request. if not Google will give you some sites with matching results, not what you exactly wanted. When you start to enter your keywords, Google will show you some suggestions related to your search. you can select one of them or enter full request. Following screen shot shows when i try to search about laser printers it shows me some suggestions about laser printers. also it shows the highest ranked page which does have information about laser printers.

Now im going to tell you the most important Trick, Use all keywords in search 

When you wanted to search something on google, you can get the best result by entering the full list of keywords. Think that you want to download Kungfu panda 2 movie. When you search for it Google will show you pages to watch it, Buy it, Download it with paid premium accounts and free download sites. so lets limit search results to free downloads by entering search request like this "Free Download Kungfu panda 2" Now google will show you sites which allows you to download Kungfu panda 2 for free. But there are many versions of it. Cam rips and very low quality videos. DVD rips, BRrips(BluRay)and versions with Embedded Subtitles. So we have to filter our search results again. Lets search to download BluRay Rip. 
                    Now our search request will be like this "Free Download Kungfu panda 2 BRrip" Google will show us all free download sites contains Kungfu panda 2 BRrip. not completed yet. there are many ways you can download it. Torrents( Which needs torrent software like bittorrent ), Direct Link downloads( Most of the times you will need paid premium accounts ), Rapidshare and mediafire links. personally i prefer downloading movies with Mediafire. It's easy and you can download multiple files using Internet download manager. Unlimited download speed with new media-fire site. lets search for mediafire links to download our movie. so change Search request like this. "Free Download Kungfu panda 2 BRrip Mediafire links" seems that enough. you will get all sites that include mediafire links to download Kungfu panda 2 for free.
Thats the way to get the best result. Put all keywords in the search request to get the perfect result on the top of the search result. It will save your time. hope this will help you. In next post i will post another great search tricks to get  more easier and accurate search results. So visit us again. Like our Facebook Fan page and Subscribe to Rss feed or E-mail Subscription. 

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