How to use SEO Quake plugin to check quality of websites

how to use SEO Quake
SEO Quake is a very popular Plugin for Firefox. You can get This plugin for Google chrome, opera and safari browse also. lots of people use this plugin for their SEO purposes. Advantage of this plugin is this tool can generate lots of details about web sites without any softwares or our commands. normally we have to use lots of softwares to generate details which SEO quake generate for a web page in few seconds.

first go to and download the plugin and install. 

After installation Click on that highlighted icon on Top Tool bar or on Addon bar. Then go to google and search something. you will see pagerank , their alexa rand and incoming links ( Backlinks ) to that site and all SEO related things. when you visit web sites you will see their ranks on SEO Quake tool bar. If you are going to comment on a blog or web site to get backlinks then this plugin will help you to get high quality pages to get good comment backlinks.

You can sort google search results by their page rank or backlink count by clicking on up and down arrows on the sort tools set above the first search result


M.Shajid said...

Exactly SEO Quake is very useful for to recognize the blog which PR on it is. and Very Useful plugin Specially for Internet Marketers and SEO Consultants. :D this is nice post :D
Computer Experts

Alfian J. said...

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

nice ....keep it adsense blog

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